Little Bit of Happiness

Let's make life a bit more happier with Deepak Atri, a technology entrepreneur by day and Vedanta practitioner by the soul. In this podcast, we will have conversations about Spirituality, Mindfulness, Psychology, Neuroscience and of course, Happiness.

Featured Episodes

Nada Yoga with Rajesh David (Ep #12)

In this musical episode, we talk about the scattering of mind and its antidote, the philosophy of oneness and the power of vibrations as we go deeper into Nada Yoga.

Advaita Vedanta with Neema Majmudar (Ep #8)

In this episode, we talk about Neema's journey from corporate to spirituality, Advaita Vedanta, common hurdles that people face on this path, the reasons behind mental chaos and ways to change our mindset.