An Explanation of Podcast Show Notes and Why They Are Important

When a person listens to your podcast, they are also listening to the content of your show notes. These are especially important on audio podcasts, where they serve as the written companion to the spoken word. If you have ever looked at the online source of a video or audio file and been confused about what you were seeing, you understand why show notes are so essential. Additionally, podcast directories like iTunes will only list a podcast if it includes show notes that provide an explanation of episodes and relevant links for further information about them. Without these show notes, listeners won’t know what they’re listening to or how to find it again later. Podcasting has grown in popularity over the past few years, with many listeners tuning in regularly to hear new shows on everything from current events to comedy. Because of this, creating and uploading show notes is just as important for podcasters as creating and uploading their actual podcast files. In this blog post we’ll explore why show notes are so essential for your audience, what goes into creating them, and some resources that can help you do it effectively.

Why Are Podcast Show Notes Important?

Most podcast listeners will have no idea that your podcast exists until they come across it by chance—or, as is more likely, until they are directed to it by another outlet. Whether you’re uploading your podcast to a directory like iTunes or hosting it on your own website, your show notes represent your first chance to highlight your show and its content to potential listeners. Your show notes can make or break whether listeners stay interested in what you have to say or hit the “skip” button to move on to something else. Your show notes are your chance to highlight what you do, who you are, and why your listeners should take the time to tune in. These notes will pop up on screen as listeners click on your podcast, giving them a quick introduction before they click “play” on the audio or video itself. If your podcast is listed on a directory like iTunes, your show notes will be the first thing listeners see when they click “listen now” on your listing.


What Goes Into Show Notes?

The exact components of your show notes will vary based on the type of podcast you host, but there are a few general categories that many show notes fall into. Some of these will be more important than others, depending on your type of podcast, but all of them should have a presence in your show notes. A general list of components that you may find in show notes could include: – General information about your podcast – How often you publish new episodes – What topics you focus on – Who hosts your podcast – What topics are covered in each episode – Where to find your podcast – Any special guests or segments – A general summary of the topics covered in the most recent episode – A “teaser” or summary of upcoming episode topics.

The Importance of SEO and Links in Show Notes

If your podcast includes segments that refer to outside websites, books, or other resources, your show notes are a great place to link back to those pages. This will help your podcast rise in the search engine rankings, and it will also help your audience find the materials you reference. While you don’t want to overdo it, each time you link back to another source in your show notes, you’re providing a valuable service to your listeners. You’re both helping them find additional resources for the topics you discuss and encouraging them to stay interested in your podcast by providing more information about each episode. If you link in your show notes, you don’t need to worry as much about repeating yourself in future episodes, since your listeners can just click the link to find the information they seek.

Show Notes Are an Audience Touchpoint

Your show notes are a great place to include a “call to action” and direct your listeners toward a desired action like subscribing to your podcast or following you on social media. This can be as simple as a statement like “If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to our podcast.” If you want to be even more effective, incorporate a specific number in your prompt. For example, “please subscribe to our podcast and leave a rating and review on
iTunes.” A call to action can be as simple as asking your listeners to subscribe to your podcast, but you can also use it to encourage them to share your podcast with their friends or take other steps to support your show. You can even use your show notes to offer a “teaser” or preview of what’s coming up in upcoming episodes or invite your audience to submit questions or topics they would like to hear discussed on your show in the future.

Where to Find Help With Your Show Notes

Depending on the type of podcast you host, you may be able to find pre-written show notes that you can simply copy and paste into your own file. If your podcast is highly structured and relies on specific wording and content for each episode, this may be a great option for you. If your podcast is more free-form, or if you want more flexibility in writing your show notes to suit each episode, you may want to hire a freelance editor or content writer. A professional writer can help you craft an introduction to your podcast that truly highlights what you do, who you are, and why your listeners should take the time to tune in. A professional writer can also help you make sure your show notes are SEO-friendly and include links to relevant sources. This can help your podcast rise in the search engine results, which will make it easier for listeners to find your show and subscribe to it. A
freelance writer can also help you create a compelling call to action that will encourage your listeners to support you and your podcast.


Wrapping up

Podcast show notes are the written companion to podcast audio and video files. Because they are such a valuable touchpoint with your audience, it is essential that you take the time to write effective show notes. You can find help with this process by hiring a freelance content writer to create compelling show notes for your podcast.

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